Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Take it from me, I love you!

I really do, even if I'm not a lovable, inoffensive, pansexual spokesthing. And I've been away far too long. That's partly Blogger's fault--I had an entry all typed up a couple weeks ago, then Blogger took a dump and it all went away, then it was down agains yesterday--and partly my fault for getting a life. I know, I'm sorry.

My sinus infection has finally improved. Today is my last day of the second-chance meds and there's no sign of infection left, so as you can imagine, I'm feeling quite relieved.

I've watched a few movies in the past month (HAH), but I have no time to blather about them now. Instead, here's a rundown of things that are upcoming!

Last Sunday: Jose Gonzalez -- beautiful!

Tonight: Belle & Sebastian w/ The New Pornographers -- I believe I've made my feelings quite clear on this matter.
The Concourse sucks. It's like seeing a show in a barn--a huge, echoey, too-loud barn. B&S I disliked the exact same amount as their records, so at least they weren't painful. New Pornographers were great, but I want to see them in a smaller (or at least non-shitty) venue sometime so I can enjoy it and not show up too late to see "Use It."

Thursday: Bob Saget @ The Improv in San Jose -- go watch The Aristocrats right now. Unless you are my mom. Then don't watch it, ever.
Like a piece of my childhood coming full circle.

Saturday: Beth Orton @ The Fillmore
She's absolutely lovely live--her records are so-so for me, but live, she is adorable and beautiful. She sang through two encores despite having bronchitis. That's fucking dedication. This show also had the distinction of having the best lights ever for a regular show without crazy LED screens or projections or lasers or anything.

Mar. 28: Noisepop @ Bimbo's w/ Feist, John Vanderslice, and The Botticellis -- Love the JV, hope the others are interesting.
We got there in time to see Youth Group, whom we didn't much care for and whose lead singer, despite changing guitars for pretty much every song, had at least one string out of tune on each one. Or are we the tone-deaf ones? JV rocked, then we went home because parking is expensive and sleep is great.

Mar. 29: A bunch of people doing solo shows @ The Swedish American Hall (guy from Spoon, guy from The Minders, etc.)
This was lovely, all around. Britt Daniels solo was a bit like hearing only one side of an interesting conversation, though--I'd love to see all of Spoon live. Laura Veirs continues to amuse me live in a way that isn't reflected in her recordings.

Apr. 17: The Books @ Great American Music Hall
This was sort of rad, and sort of an odd show to attend standing up. However, their sounds and words and films were really intesting, funny, and entertaining.

Apr. 20: Dinosaur Jr. @ Great American Music Hall
Sometimes you just want to sleep...

Apr. 28: Quasi @ Cafe du Nord
I'm fucking sick! Fuck!

May 4: Cat Power @ Palace of Fine Arts
I don't know if she's just come a long way since the first time I saw her, with her hair covering her face and pleading us to stop applauding, or if playing with that rockin' band gives her some extra courage, but this performance was the polar opposite of other times I've seen her. She danced all over the stage and seemed to be actually enjoying herself, even in her more nervous moments when she played solo. Plus, the venue was awesome and hassle-free.

May 12: John Vanderslice w/ Laura Veirs @ The Independent

May 31: The Eels w/ Smoosh @ The Fillmore

Jun. 3: Jim Gaffigan @ Mountain Winery

Jun. 9: The Mountain Goats @ Neumo's in Seattle -- yea!

Jun. 11: My brother's senior recital in Olympia

Jun. 13: The Mountain Goats @ Bottom of the Hill

Jun. 17: Greg Proops @ Cobb's Comedy Club
Cancelled, apparently.

Jun. 24: Neko Case @ The Rio

Jun. 25: Built to Spill @ The Catalyst

(edited 3/29, 4/17, 4/27, 5/5 to add things to the calendar)