Thursday, April 27, 2006

mountain goats!

One of my most favoritest bands is playing June 12 and 13 at Bottom of the Hill in SF (I will almost definitely be at the show on the 13th), but in addition, those awesome motherfuckers will be at Neumo's in Seattle on June 9, and I haven't made plane reservations for that weekend yet, but I could potentially and easily be in town for that show as well, in the great circumstance that some or any of my Seattle friends are interested! I will buy your ticket! It will be fun! Plus I can crash on your couch! Hah!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

And you cannot stop me.

The title is meaningless. I was just gazing lovingly over my oft-updated Calendar of Rock and thinking of all the rocking I have done and will do and got the line, "Keep on rockin' in the free worrrrrrld" stuck in my head and, as much as I like Neil Young, don't get me wrong, it seemed inappropriate and/or silly, thus, a title that refers to nothing in particular but makes you feel like you missed half the sentence anyway.

I am getting fat, y'all. I say that "y'all" like a pathetic little bleat but without a trace of irony or Southern drawl. My neck hates me and I can't tell if it's the stupid NASA foam pillow that it's rejecting or it is just tired of holding my head up for all hours of the day. My nose hates the world and won't let me forget it. It went from rainy-ass winter to hot-ass summer here so fast I have whiplash. All those things don't do much to encourage me to, oh, exercise like I've been "meaning to" for months now. I bought a PS2 for the express purpose of using the stupid workout game and instead I have become enamored with We Love Katamari and Super Bust-A-Move. It has to stop.

Anyway, it's very fucking pathetic. All of it. Except the having a life bit, that's pretty all right. I am with Kevin and things are lovely. We have started getting small shares from this CSA farm in Watsonville, and it's really awesome. (If you have the desire and ability to get a share in a CSA farm, I highly recommend it. Check out Local Harvest to find farms near you.) I also got a pair of comfortable ugly plastic chairs from the Ikea as-is section for half their regular price so I can enjoy my spacious, shady porch. I've seen some movies and watched some TV.

I have to go back to being part of the real world now.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


But in pain. My fucking shoulder sucks. Has for two days. Desk chair at work is no comfort. (Yes, I know I can get something done about that.)

Can't think if anything else is going on. Still having fun. Still have a couple weeks' reprieve from incessant concert-going. Still sniffly because antibiotics may cure sinus infections, but they can't cure allergies.

P.S. I added additional text to the previous entry to describe the shows we went to. If you find this stuff amusing, seek it out. Otherwise, you can rest easy in the knowledge that I have been alive and even updating my blog on accasion, just not enough for you to notice without scrolling down.