Sunday, February 27, 2005

More referral logs!

I'm sure these people will never come back here trying to find what they couldn't find before when they reached my site in the first place, but I thought I could try to help out, anyway.

"kids lip synching"
If they were looking for that godforsaken compilation, may some higher power have mercy on their souls.

peanut butter and jelly "that's what i like in my belly"
You wouldn't believe how many people find my site with this exact search string. It warms my cockles, it does.

"hard 'n firm" rodeohead
I believe the performer you seek, sir, is Hard ' Phirm, and they are quite amusing.

cook's illustrated internship
Good luck, wow. That would be a rad place to work.

waitstaff mini pinstripe black pants
I'm trying to figure out whether "mini" modifies the pinstripe (like extra fine striping) or the pants (um, crops?), but either way, weird.

movie Intolerable Cruelty quotes Himalayan guide
I'm not sure what the Himalayas have to do with the movie Intolerable Cruelty, but that link should contain quotes.

Leprechaun pictures going over the rainbow
I don't even know where this is going. Google's image search might be a better starting point, though. Or Lucky Charms. Aw, the search for that link also brought up a story about the founder of the cereal, who was killed in a car crash.

"you make me nervous" hella hella hella lyrics
This song was performed by the band Gravy Train!!!, who happen to share a label with the band, Hella. Confusing, ain't it?

trader joe on milpitas
Much to my dismay, there is no Trader Joe's in Milpitas. The closest is either in Fremont or somewhere in San Jose or Santa Clara or Sunnyvale or something. I go to the one in Campbell, though, since it's close to my work and a decent Whole Foods. I am a grocery whore.

"abc family" "gilmore girls marathon"
Here is ABC Family's Gilmore Girls site, which should point you in the right direction. Alternately, you can catch up on plotlines and snark at Television Without Pity.

Also, I really liked 12 Angry Men, and was amused that Sidney Lumet won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Oscars the same day I watched it. I would be catty and discuss the Oscars, but really, it was boring and stupid and I don't know why I wasted most of my Sunday evening watching it. I do know that I would've been pleased with Kate Winslet winning Best Actress over Hilary Swank, who needs to shut the hell up. Also, Kate is prettier. That is all.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

YAY! New music!

Or new to me, anyway. Or owning these particular pieces is new. I've heard them before. Or some of them.

Kevin and I went to Rasputin tonight to spend my $20 gift card (and, um, then some). I ended up getting:

The Paper Chase, God Bless Your Black Heart. Because their mp3 on KRS' website was freaking kicking my ass. I'm one track into the rest of the album and, yes, I am pretty sure it's a keeper. It sounds like insanity, although not the kind of insanity that Xiu Xiu is, which is the kind of insanity I can't quite actually listen to, no matter how much I want to.

PJ Harvey, Rid Of Me. They had a used copy of Uh Huh Her, which I want and considered buying, except that this one, which I also wanted, was on sale for $2 less new than the used record, so what the hell.

The Mountain Goats, We Shall All Be Healed. Yay for the Mountain Goats.

Rjd2, Deadringer. Also, yay.

I was complaining to Kevin (which, I might add, is something I do a lot, because I suck) that they didn't have the Pixies' Surfer Rosa, and since I don't own that record, I feel a part of me is missing. He once again suggested I sign up for the free trial on emusic, which evidently has scads of music I would want available for download. It's some kind of mp3 subscription service that likes indie rock. It's like Netflix for music that you can keep. I am wary of "free" trials, though, so we'll see.

Speaking of Netflix, this week's rentals included the second disc of Bullshit!, which has left me sadly contemplating the reality of paper recycling (seriously, is it all a crock? I must do further research, someday), Dazed and Confused, which I enjoyed (and Ben Affleck still plays an asswipe! No wonder I hate him!), and 12 Angry Men, which I haven't watched yet.

Hoping part of tomorrow can be spent hiking around a nearby park, and maybe I'll get in a little moviewatching, music-listening, seed planting, and cooking. Maybe just laundry, though.

Yeah, this record is totally nuts. I like it, but it will require more listens.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

God bless referral logs.

Or I'd never know that people found my site by searching for things like this:

kqed frontline iraq fuck
I'm sure a combination of all those words appeared somewhere on my blog, especially while I was working on the Islam project last spring (and with the addition of a sidebar link to KQED). I also know what this is, and I think everyone should watch it: PBS should be airing a Frontline tonight about the lives of soldiers in Iraq. Some stations may even air it unedited, because the filmmakers chose to leave in some of the language the soldiers used, which was littered with profanities (god, wouldn't you?). I couldn't find out whether or not KQED chose to air the edited or unedited myself, but I'll watch tonight and hear for myself.

where would u find warhols painting of mickey mouse
I have no idea. This is just a weird search, anyway, from Not sure that whole "phrase it as a question" thing works if you don't spell out simple words, buddy.

concierto 2005 de air supply en mexico
Hee. I got spam about an Air Supply concert in Mexico awhile back, and I'm sure I posted it. Who knew there were so many Spanish-speaking fans of Air Supply? (I mean, one is kind of a lot.)

"my work has been commended as being strongly vaginal"
The Big Lebowski is my favorite movie ever.

edwardian ladies peeing
No idea.

yummy yogurt xmms
...Yeah, what? Mmm, delicious open source mp3 player-flavored yogurt.

Monday, February 21, 2005

I give you my last post as prime evidence of boredom.

I mean, come the fuck on. I posted from work about my lame-ass lunch.

Recent movie watchings? Sure, let's do that.

The 400 Blows was good, but not good enough to make me pay a ton of attention. This is what I get for watching TV when (1) the screen is 13 inches, and (2) my computer with Internet connectivity is 90' to the left.

Last week's batch included Rashomon, The Battle of Algiers, and the first disc of the second season of Penn & Teller: Bullshit. Yes, I am trying to get my movie edumification on. Well, beyond those film classes I took in college. And also, I like TV with swear words in it. That is pretty much the entirety of my Netflix queue: critically acclaimed films, and swearing.

The Penn & Teller is more of the same, if you've seen the first season, but it's still good. Their biases are patently obvious, but it's entertaining nonetheless. Better than, say, the vast majority of the crap on network TV most nights, except Tuesdays, when I have an overrun of stuff I like. Stupid Tuesdays.

Sunday I watched both the old black and whites. That was a little heavy, but both were outstanding films, even on tiny, stupid TVs. I can totally see where other films would be influenced by both of these. Algiers, in particular, reminded me in some ways of the recent City of God, which is a film you should see. Unless you are my mom, in which case you would probably find it too violent.

Algiers actually made me a little contemplative: what would it take for me, and for all Americans, to get as het up as the Algerians in that film? Granted, we don't have as something as clearly wrong as another sovereign nation occupying and ruling us, but what would it take? It was a fascinating look at revolution without any hand-holding. I found the exposition of the characters who would commit such acts of violence totally compelling.

And yeah, there is of course the point about the status of the occupiers--that is, one could interpret in a modern context, us in Iraq. That was interesting, too. I don't have as much to say about that, though. Probably anyone who reads this is somewhat aware of how I feel about that situation, and if you're not, hi, check out the stupidly liberal links to the right.

I am waiting for Netflix to get its shit together and send me the goddamn Motorcycle Diaries. It also claims to have a "very long wait" for Happy Together, which I also wanna see.

Dude, I am so bored. At least we finally had a bunch of work to do today, which should continue throughout the week. But quelling the boredom with actual work only goes so far--namely, 5 p.m. Then I get maybe 30 minutes of excitement from traffic, then... well, it's reruns and shit TV.

But hey! In a month, I get to go see the Decemberists again! Wooooo, bouncy music. I hope they play that song about San Francisco that makes me cry.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I have struck lunch GOLD.

After two and a half months of struggling with this lunchtime problem, I've finally packed a lunch that is both healthy and delicious. And it's freaking homemade. I RULE.

1. Leftover chickpea, potato, and kale soup. If only I made things this yummy and suitable for leftovers every night. Maybe I will post the recipe tonight, if it wasn't already up from the last time I made it (with spinach).

2. Whole wheat pita with peppered tofurkey slices, tomato, mixed greens sprouts (they are green with purple stems and SO pretty), and a tiny bit of soyannaise so it isn't terribly dry.

3. Baby carrots.

Those suckers eating from McDonald's don't know what they're missing. Lovin' it, indeed.

(Okay, actually, most of them would probably hate my food. But whatever.)

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Nothing to say, but it's OK.

So I was chopping onions last Sunday and cut a little chunk out of my thumb on accident. Ow. All week, I couldn't really do the dishes, so it wasn't much of a cooking scene in the kitchen.

We did watch a few movies, though.

Last weekend's rentals were Do the Right Thing, Boogie Nights, and Before Sunrise. They were all pretty good films, though I had to send them back through the mailbox outside my office instead of at home since last time our Netflix selections were stolen.

This week, we have Mississippi Burning (Kevin's pick), The People Vs. Larry Flynt, and The 400 Blows. I haven't watched the latter yet, but the other two, in their historial courtroom drama-y goodness, were enjoyable. I think I liked Larry Flynt more because there's just something about the First Amendment that makes me cheer.

Oh, and hey, if you have Netflix and you want to be my Friend, lemme know. You can have things with purple stars, in addition to the gray, red, and yellow!

Also, strangely, Kevin's coworker lent him (forced upon him, whatever) an entire season of the British series Coupling, which neither of us is particularly fond of. "Do you wanna watch Coupling?" has kind of become this weekend's version of "We could go bowling."

I am missing a party at Margot's place in SF. I feel bad about this, but I am not sad about it. I don't really enjoy parties. Shocker. Also, I am totally lame!

Movie update, that's all. My thumb is healing. I spent some of day scrubbing things like the toilet and the bathtub. I need to do a goddamn load of laundry, I just remembered.

Might as well fuck a bunch of everything, for as much fun as this weekend is.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

What day is today?

I woke up totally thinking it was Friday.

It's Saturday. I am now up pretty fricking early for a Saturday.

Good thing the house is disgusting, so I'll have lots of time to clean! Oh boy!

Yes, and also, last night, someone drive-by egged my car while I was pulling up to a stoplight on Merrill. There is egg behind my back right tire. Naturally, I was pretty pissed off about it at first, but now it's mostly funny. However, stupid teenage boys of America, take note: this does not condone such behavior in the future. Please egg only people you know deserve it. Thank you.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Gabe gives good mp3.

I've rediscovered my stereo in here thanks to him. And this Handsome Boy Modeling School/Cat Power song, "I've Been Thinking." Which is sexy as HELL. Holy fuck, people, find it. Then go get laid or die trying.

He has also been trying to catch me up on those indie bands everyone talks about but I never hear because I don't have KEXP at my disposal anymore (yeah, yeah, streaming whatever): the Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, Iron & Wine so far. And, yes, good.

That $20 Rasputin gift card is not going to go to waste whenever I get around to spending it, but I think I'm going to wait to blow my wad until I have a little more extra cash to buy stuff.

I am bored and alone on another Friday night, what a shocker. I've got a couple movies to watch, but I have all weekend. If I get bored enough, I might catch a $3.50 movie sometime this weekend.

Additionally, I stink because being a girl? Is evidently not kind to my digestive system. Ewww.

Now, where the fuck are the Girl Scouts in my neighborhood? Or harassing me via their parents at work? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?! ...Oh. I just looked up the nutritional information on Partially hydrogenated oils, pfffft! There's nothing wholesome about that!

Screw the Girl Scouts. They were the popular kids who hated me in grade school, anyway.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Talking in my sleep.

One of the bad things about living with someone is they know when you snore. One of the good things is they know when you talk in your sleep, and can write it down and remind you of what your mind was doing all night.

I know I sometimes say totally bizarre things in Stage 2 sleep—when I'm just drifting off but I'm fighting to stay awake—people try to continue conversing with me with strange results.

However, tonight's example is purely sleep talk. I don't know what I was thinking, but I do know that, on reflection, this isn't actually that far from something I would say fully awake.

kevin: you said "you're mean"
kevin: and i said "what?"
kevin: "you are talking in your sleep again"
kevin: "why did you say i am mean?"
kevin: then you said "i wasn't talking to you"
kevin: "who were you talking to?"
kevin: "the air"
kevin: and then you fell asleep again

The air is so mean. To steal a line from the Talking Heads, air can hurt you too!

I'm surprised I didn't say anything way worse, considering yesterday was a strange day. I had to drive my boss home because she got sick in the office. Two TV networks were playing really old movies instead of rerunning their regular shows. And I went to bed around 10 and am up now, at almost 7 a.m., from a sneezing fit.

Maybe the air really is mean.