Saturday, February 12, 2005

Nothing to say, but it's OK.

So I was chopping onions last Sunday and cut a little chunk out of my thumb on accident. Ow. All week, I couldn't really do the dishes, so it wasn't much of a cooking scene in the kitchen.

We did watch a few movies, though.

Last weekend's rentals were Do the Right Thing, Boogie Nights, and Before Sunrise. They were all pretty good films, though I had to send them back through the mailbox outside my office instead of at home since last time our Netflix selections were stolen.

This week, we have Mississippi Burning (Kevin's pick), The People Vs. Larry Flynt, and The 400 Blows. I haven't watched the latter yet, but the other two, in their historial courtroom drama-y goodness, were enjoyable. I think I liked Larry Flynt more because there's just something about the First Amendment that makes me cheer.

Oh, and hey, if you have Netflix and you want to be my Friend, lemme know. You can have things with purple stars, in addition to the gray, red, and yellow!

Also, strangely, Kevin's coworker lent him (forced upon him, whatever) an entire season of the British series Coupling, which neither of us is particularly fond of. "Do you wanna watch Coupling?" has kind of become this weekend's version of "We could go bowling."

I am missing a party at Margot's place in SF. I feel bad about this, but I am not sad about it. I don't really enjoy parties. Shocker. Also, I am totally lame!

Movie update, that's all. My thumb is healing. I spent some of day scrubbing things like the toilet and the bathtub. I need to do a goddamn load of laundry, I just remembered.

Might as well fuck a bunch of everything, for as much fun as this weekend is.


Jesse said...

Oooooh, poor Emily. At least you still have your significant other with with you (as opposed to across the ocean) and you live by your cool sister (as opposed to with your parents) and you have things to do near a major city (as opposed living in the middle of godforsaken rural Minnesota).

So it could be worse :). The reason I blog so rarely about my own life is that it's so boring most of the time.

Anonymous said...

woah.. did someone really just call me cool?

Paul said...

No, they meant me. Paul, Paula...similar, huh?

Julie said...

he totally meant me, her long lost sister. But that's okay, you guys can take credit.