Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Talking in my sleep.

One of the bad things about living with someone is they know when you snore. One of the good things is they know when you talk in your sleep, and can write it down and remind you of what your mind was doing all night.

I know I sometimes say totally bizarre things in Stage 2 sleep—when I'm just drifting off but I'm fighting to stay awake—people try to continue conversing with me with strange results.

However, tonight's example is purely sleep talk. I don't know what I was thinking, but I do know that, on reflection, this isn't actually that far from something I would say fully awake.

kevin: you said "you're mean"
kevin: and i said "what?"
kevin: "you are talking in your sleep again"
kevin: "why did you say i am mean?"
kevin: then you said "i wasn't talking to you"
kevin: "who were you talking to?"
kevin: "the air"
kevin: and then you fell asleep again

The air is so mean. To steal a line from the Talking Heads, air can hurt you too!

I'm surprised I didn't say anything way worse, considering yesterday was a strange day. I had to drive my boss home because she got sick in the office. Two TV networks were playing really old movies instead of rerunning their regular shows. And I went to bed around 10 and am up now, at almost 7 a.m., from a sneezing fit.

Maybe the air really is mean.


Julie said...

apparently I talked in my sleep last night as well. I spoke "very loudly" and was "unintelligble". Guess I'm not quite as amusing.

Malavagma said...

My first night in Dublin, I was jet lagged so bad. They gave me two drinks and I immediately started nodding off. I recall saying something about dogs and movies and Anthony going "What are you talking about?"

I tried to figure it out and couldn't so I just went back to sleep. I still have no idea where my mind had gone wandering.