Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I have struck lunch GOLD.

After two and a half months of struggling with this lunchtime problem, I've finally packed a lunch that is both healthy and delicious. And it's freaking homemade. I RULE.

1. Leftover chickpea, potato, and kale soup. If only I made things this yummy and suitable for leftovers every night. Maybe I will post the recipe tonight, if it wasn't already up from the last time I made it (with spinach).

2. Whole wheat pita with peppered tofurkey slices, tomato, mixed greens sprouts (they are green with purple stems and SO pretty), and a tiny bit of soyannaise so it isn't terribly dry.

3. Baby carrots.

Those suckers eating from McDonald's don't know what they're missing. Lovin' it, indeed.

(Okay, actually, most of them would probably hate my food. But whatever.)

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Anonymous said...

Everywhere I work/have class/etc has a different favorite place for lunch and dinner.
If I'm in class over near union square, you had best be believin' it's falafel time. (two days a week = falafel)
Wed & Thur, however, I'm over near market and third street. So over there, it's either working girls, or the place across the street with kickass salads so big my head explodes, or (if I'm feeling the need to be social) Q-cup for fried chicken bits and milk tea. Generally this is only done with the intetion of meeting up with roomie and gossiping for hours at her work.
At my work, however, the idea tends to be pizza or a sandwich. Pizza is yummy, sandwich is quick. I wish I worked closer to togo's - then I'd get cheap stuff. :)