Monday, February 21, 2005

I give you my last post as prime evidence of boredom.

I mean, come the fuck on. I posted from work about my lame-ass lunch.

Recent movie watchings? Sure, let's do that.

The 400 Blows was good, but not good enough to make me pay a ton of attention. This is what I get for watching TV when (1) the screen is 13 inches, and (2) my computer with Internet connectivity is 90' to the left.

Last week's batch included Rashomon, The Battle of Algiers, and the first disc of the second season of Penn & Teller: Bullshit. Yes, I am trying to get my movie edumification on. Well, beyond those film classes I took in college. And also, I like TV with swear words in it. That is pretty much the entirety of my Netflix queue: critically acclaimed films, and swearing.

The Penn & Teller is more of the same, if you've seen the first season, but it's still good. Their biases are patently obvious, but it's entertaining nonetheless. Better than, say, the vast majority of the crap on network TV most nights, except Tuesdays, when I have an overrun of stuff I like. Stupid Tuesdays.

Sunday I watched both the old black and whites. That was a little heavy, but both were outstanding films, even on tiny, stupid TVs. I can totally see where other films would be influenced by both of these. Algiers, in particular, reminded me in some ways of the recent City of God, which is a film you should see. Unless you are my mom, in which case you would probably find it too violent.

Algiers actually made me a little contemplative: what would it take for me, and for all Americans, to get as het up as the Algerians in that film? Granted, we don't have as something as clearly wrong as another sovereign nation occupying and ruling us, but what would it take? It was a fascinating look at revolution without any hand-holding. I found the exposition of the characters who would commit such acts of violence totally compelling.

And yeah, there is of course the point about the status of the occupiers--that is, one could interpret in a modern context, us in Iraq. That was interesting, too. I don't have as much to say about that, though. Probably anyone who reads this is somewhat aware of how I feel about that situation, and if you're not, hi, check out the stupidly liberal links to the right.

I am waiting for Netflix to get its shit together and send me the goddamn Motorcycle Diaries. It also claims to have a "very long wait" for Happy Together, which I also wanna see.

Dude, I am so bored. At least we finally had a bunch of work to do today, which should continue throughout the week. But quelling the boredom with actual work only goes so far--namely, 5 p.m. Then I get maybe 30 minutes of excitement from traffic, then... well, it's reruns and shit TV.

But hey! In a month, I get to go see the Decemberists again! Wooooo, bouncy music. I hope they play that song about San Francisco that makes me cry.


Paul said...

Some day I will have money. And on that day, I will purchase season two of Bullshit. God, I love P&T.

Malavagma said...

What's the song called?

emily said...

grace cathedral hill.