Saturday, November 17, 2007

We are slobs and we must be reformed.

It's Saturday morning. Monday night my mom is flying to town. Thursday we're having several guests over to cook and eat our strange, vegetarian, Japanese Thanksgiving feast.

In its present state, no one will be able to sit down to eat anywhere in my house. There is enough room for maybe one person to cook anything. And there is crap absolutely everywhere.

Yes, we're working on it. I am making slow but steady progress de-crapping the kitchen. Kevin cleared off the couch last night and finished loading the dishwasher, which is now running. (Of course, that was after I said I'd be pissed if he stayed up until 3 playing Super Mario Galaxy and failed to make any movement in the cleaning arena.) I have at least two loads of laundry ready to go. I scrubbed the public areas of the bathroom (i.e., everything but the shower), cleaned out the rabbits' litter boxes, and picked up my room -- enough so it's at least presentable for people to go meet the bunnies. I bought more laundry detergent, paper towels, and a mop.

Kevin thinks we'll get it done. I think he better wake up before 1 or "we" will end up being "I" and "I" will be bitchy.

In addition to cleaning the shit out of my house, I also need to get veggies at the farmers' market (awww, what a horrible chore!) and bake cookies for the ice cream sandwiches we'll have on Thanksgiving (crispy almond with green tea ice cream and peanut-ginger-sesame with pumpkin ice cream).

Wish me luck -- I need it. I'll post photos and a menu after the fact.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yo quiero Yo La Tengo.

I'm sure that one's never been done before.

Quickly: I want a button on the side of my head that I can push and fill my mind with the sounds of the Freewheelin' Yo La Tengo, because that shit was so awesomely relaxing and soothing and beautiful. I need that sometimes -- a lot of times, actually.

Blogger is a slug. I want to go see Jonathan Richman for my birthday (but before my actual birthday).