Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh hell yes!

Went to see Ted Leo + Pharmacists (with Quasi opening) last night in the city. For me, it was sort of a benchmarking experience to see how far I'd come since first recognizing my depression issues earlier this year. I'd gone to see the same band in March and despite thinking the show was really good, I never really enjoyed myself, and it ate at me. Last night was a complete turnaround.

Also, we ate at Mekong, which is a Thai restaurant that everyone in SF probably already knows about, but it was new to us. It was love at first bite. The usual hallmarks of what makes me dig a Thai place were there -- brown rice, good spiciness, lots of veggie options (fake meat!) -- but it was possibly the least oily restaurant Thai I've ever had AND the flavors were amazing. The tea was good, too -- whole, loose leaf green tea with lotus blossoms in it or something; really nice. Absolutely no minuses (the prices even seemed reasonable) and it was a block from the concert venue. Win.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Christmas time isn't here.

But when it is, I'll be in Paris.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Deep breath.

The last couple months, in bullet form:
  • Working out the kinks in my anti-depressant dosing. 40 mg prozac seems to be about right. Joy.
  • Decided maybe going to the gym wasn't as bad as I always felt it was. Maybe was sort of right. Coughed up $$$ to join stupid 24 Hour Fitness because it was cheap and there. Have been exercising between four times a week and once a week every week since.
  • Besides that, I can't say I remember August in the slightest.
  • Oh, yeah, I bought myself unnecessary but entertaining personal electronics: a Nintendo DS and an iAudio 7. That is how I spent August.
  • My friends Steve and Jenn got married in what was an amazingly fun wedding down in Santa Cruz. Please note that this is a 45 minute drive from my house, not a $200 plane fare. Also, there was a bachelor party at which Kevin dressed up like a girl. I think I promised not to put those photos online.
  • Spent the next two weeks catsitting for said newlyweds. Their male cat who hates everyone but them eventually betrayed his lunatic exterior and let me give him love a few times.
  • Went to see Devendra Banhart one week and The New Pornographers the next, in shows I enjoyed immensely but after which Kevin announced that he no longer wished to go to concerts.
  • Flew to Portland for a relaxing weekend with the nieces. Mom and I took the oldest, who just turned 7, to the zoo and we all watched The Wizard of Oz and ate spaghetti.
  • Went to therapy and felt somewhat empowered to not just accept my lot in life. Thusly, I adopted the rabbits. There were a few other mental twists and turns before that point, but it's the most fun end result.

Their reign of terror has begun.

friends with salad
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Sunday, October 07, 2007


Yesterday I adopted these rabbits.

More postings to come.