Monday, October 08, 2007

Deep breath.

The last couple months, in bullet form:
  • Working out the kinks in my anti-depressant dosing. 40 mg prozac seems to be about right. Joy.
  • Decided maybe going to the gym wasn't as bad as I always felt it was. Maybe was sort of right. Coughed up $$$ to join stupid 24 Hour Fitness because it was cheap and there. Have been exercising between four times a week and once a week every week since.
  • Besides that, I can't say I remember August in the slightest.
  • Oh, yeah, I bought myself unnecessary but entertaining personal electronics: a Nintendo DS and an iAudio 7. That is how I spent August.
  • My friends Steve and Jenn got married in what was an amazingly fun wedding down in Santa Cruz. Please note that this is a 45 minute drive from my house, not a $200 plane fare. Also, there was a bachelor party at which Kevin dressed up like a girl. I think I promised not to put those photos online.
  • Spent the next two weeks catsitting for said newlyweds. Their male cat who hates everyone but them eventually betrayed his lunatic exterior and let me give him love a few times.
  • Went to see Devendra Banhart one week and The New Pornographers the next, in shows I enjoyed immensely but after which Kevin announced that he no longer wished to go to concerts.
  • Flew to Portland for a relaxing weekend with the nieces. Mom and I took the oldest, who just turned 7, to the zoo and we all watched The Wizard of Oz and ate spaghetti.
  • Went to therapy and felt somewhat empowered to not just accept my lot in life. Thusly, I adopted the rabbits. There were a few other mental twists and turns before that point, but it's the most fun end result.

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