Friday, February 04, 2005

Gabe gives good mp3.

I've rediscovered my stereo in here thanks to him. And this Handsome Boy Modeling School/Cat Power song, "I've Been Thinking." Which is sexy as HELL. Holy fuck, people, find it. Then go get laid or die trying.

He has also been trying to catch me up on those indie bands everyone talks about but I never hear because I don't have KEXP at my disposal anymore (yeah, yeah, streaming whatever): the Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, Iron & Wine so far. And, yes, good.

That $20 Rasputin gift card is not going to go to waste whenever I get around to spending it, but I think I'm going to wait to blow my wad until I have a little more extra cash to buy stuff.

I am bored and alone on another Friday night, what a shocker. I've got a couple movies to watch, but I have all weekend. If I get bored enough, I might catch a $3.50 movie sometime this weekend.

Additionally, I stink because being a girl? Is evidently not kind to my digestive system. Ewww.

Now, where the fuck are the Girl Scouts in my neighborhood? Or harassing me via their parents at work? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?! ...Oh. I just looked up the nutritional information on Partially hydrogenated oils, pfffft! There's nothing wholesome about that!

Screw the Girl Scouts. They were the popular kids who hated me in grade school, anyway.


Malavagma said...

I am downloading the song right now after such an urgent recommendation!

Check out also (if you didn't know already)...

The Futureheads
Les Savy Fav
The Mountain Goats
The Moving Units
The Shins
The Stills
The Wrens

emily said...


Thanks. I am not so behind that I am unawares of some of those bands (I <3 the Mountain Goats), though. Hehe.