Tuesday, February 22, 2005

God bless referral logs.

Or I'd never know that people found my site by searching for things like this:

kqed frontline iraq fuck
I'm sure a combination of all those words appeared somewhere on my blog, especially while I was working on the Islam project last spring (and with the addition of a sidebar link to KQED). I also know what this is, and I think everyone should watch it: PBS should be airing a Frontline tonight about the lives of soldiers in Iraq. Some stations may even air it unedited, because the filmmakers chose to leave in some of the language the soldiers used, which was littered with profanities (god, wouldn't you?). I couldn't find out whether or not KQED chose to air the edited or unedited myself, but I'll watch tonight and hear for myself.

where would u find warhols painting of mickey mouse
I have no idea. This is just a weird search, anyway, from ask.com. Not sure that whole "phrase it as a question" thing works if you don't spell out simple words, buddy.

concierto 2005 de air supply en mexico
Hee. I got spam about an Air Supply concert in Mexico awhile back, and I'm sure I posted it. Who knew there were so many Spanish-speaking fans of Air Supply? (I mean, one is kind of a lot.)

"my work has been commended as being strongly vaginal"
The Big Lebowski is my favorite movie ever.

edwardian ladies peeing
No idea.

yummy yogurt xmms
...Yeah, what? Mmm, delicious open source mp3 player-flavored yogurt.


Malavagma said...

What do you use to grab your logs? I use www.statcounter.com right now.

emily said...

way down at the bottom of the page, there is a little rainbow icon. that links to sitemeter, which is what i've been using for the past few years, uh, basically since i discovered the existence and necessity of logs. :)