Saturday, January 29, 2005

Weekend Update, with your host...

Sorry for the lame SNL reference. I am video-starved since I sent back all three DVDs on Monday and have yet to receive confirmation from Netflix that they've returned. If I don't hear anything by this coming Monday, it's Report A Problem time. How sad.

The Life Aquatic has arrived in the Milpitas second-run theater, and as promised, Kevin will go see it with me. He WILL. Except that he knows Tuesdays are $1.50 days, so that is when he wants to go. Not on the weekend, when we have all day and it's $3.50. Because that is such a financial burden for the pleasure of seeing a film in the theater. Pbbbt. My main problem with Tuesdays is my evenings are already booked solid with all my favorite TV shows (although I must admit Gilmore Girls' merits are waning), but I can tape them/download them if necessary, I guess. It's just stupid.

Oh, and I'm full-time at work now. Yay! I was also wrong, apparently, about when my benefits kick in: it's 90 days after I started working for the company, period. Meaning in March, I can go get my allergies fixed, get all those valuable girly exams, and possibly even make sure my eyes aren't getting significantly worse. So these are all good things. And work is busy, which is also good.

Today I went to McCarthy Ranch, which is a group of giant chain stores near the 880/237 interchange in Milpitas. There's a Borders, Best Buy, Michael's, and motherfucking Wal-Mart. There is also a Loehmann's, where I picked up a simple (not lacy! Hate the lacy!) black Wacoal bra for $25. I am afraid I will still need to go to Macy's or something in hopes of finding one with wider straps because this might not be the best solution, but it's preferable to the shitty Balis that are disintegrating in my underwear drawer. And there's a Ross, where I have bought many things, including a pair of dark gray pants today for under $3 which are quite nice-looking and comfortable. They were on clearance for $9, but rung up for $3. Score!

Speaking of deals, it only cost me $118 to register the Civic here. Astonishing. What's worse, though, is they did not even want to see my proof of insurance or smog pass. My license arrived in the mail, however, and I am bright red and glasses-free in it. Just awful.

Absolutely nothing else is happening. I made some the fragrant coconut milk chickpea stew from this book my mom sent me, A Beautiful Bowl of Soup, and I was so disappointed. It was horribly bland, despite having everything going for it. I'm going to try to fix it today, but god, it was so sad. There were two freaking serrano chilies, chopped up with the seeds and pith and everything, and it was still bland as hell. Sorry, mom. The other thing I made from that book was better (Moroccan carrot-chickpea something, yellow from the turmeric).


Malavagma said...

Oh, wah wah, my boobs are too big! I kid, I kid. I better check to see what else is playing at the cheapy theaters...

emily said...

hee! Big boobs are only a "blessing" if you have the hot bod to match, or whatever, and then I imagine it just invites harassment. Otherwise, it's Back Pain City in Good Bras Are Hard to Find Land.

And um, last I checked, Cinema Savers was also playing the Motorcycle Diaries. I think that was about all I was interested in seeing, though, and it's coming out on DVD soon.