Monday, January 03, 2005

Why it's a good thing I'm going full time this month.

Besides the slight pay raise, guaranteed 40 hours a week, and health care after 90 days, the idiots at KRON stopped the 2 p.m. airings of Cagney & Lacey that were the highlight of my lame TV-watching afternoons.

Does anyone have recommendations for inexpensive but decent quality daypacks and hiking boots? I'm in the market. My budget is under $100 for both items, which I've found at, but I want to shop around and solicit opinions.

Also, if you cared about the lyrics contest... I added the answers to the original post. Scroll away.

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Julie said...

The coolest bags in the world are made by YakPak ( I've owned 4 myself, and love them. They make Levi's brand bags as well, but the YakPak ones are the best as far as design goes. If you want it for hiking, the backpacks won't have as many bells & whistles as the REI-type bags do, but you'll look damn fine on those trails. As long as it's ergonomic, you can't miss. And I find that often the REI-type have so much padding on them, that they weigh twice as much as a normal pack. You may or may not appreciate the padding, I know many who don't.