Sunday, January 23, 2005

Netflixes of this past week.

Better get up to date. Better keep up with the onslaught of films. Hah.

Last week, we had a bunch of documentaries.

Keep the River On Your Right was pretty interesting, but didn't grab me. Strange, considering it is supposed to be about cannibalism. It wasn't, though, really; it was about an artsy New York anthropologist and artist who spent time among remote tribes, some of whom had cannibalistic rituals.

Dark Days, about the people who lived in shantytowns in the New York train tunnels, was fascinating and eerie, but not as bleak as it could have been, which was good. Although their homes were taken away, many of them were able to resettle themselves in apartments, thanks to the Section 8 program. Pretty affecting stuff, though.

Rivers and Tides I'm finally watching now. I enjoy the photography, but I feel I missed out by not seeing it on a movie screen, where the images could wash over me and envelop my vision space, instead of floating uncomfortably on the periphery on a 13" screen. It's very, very slow, but neat.

I also got the second disc of the first season of Chappelle's Show—having rented the first months ago from Reckless—and of course, it was funny as hell. But anyone who has cable and watched Comedy Central religiously (i.e., everyone I know but me) already knew that.

And because Kevin has been obsessively playing Tron 2.0 for the PC and exclaiming how much it is just like the movie, I rented Tron. Which Kevin liked even more than he remembered and I thought was weird and didn't always follow.

And yes, my car passed the smog check. I am awaiting proof of insurance. I paid more than I wanted to for both, but fuck it.

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