Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Hi from Thailand!

I have no new e-mails on my UW account and isn't loading for me, so I figured I'd waste some net cafe money and blog a bit.

I'm at a resort town in the Krabi province on the wesat coast of Thailand. We just got here a few hours ago. I can see a reflection of the perfect blue waters and palm trees in the monitor. It's hot--midafternoon sun is a bitch--but lovely.

The past three days were spent outside of the Khao Sok National Park, which is a rainforest. We didn't actually go inside the fricking park or anything, but we did a lot of walking around and seeing crazy shit like MONKEYS and MONKS. And caves! And riding elephants. The other twenty-somethings in my tour group like to go out drinking seemingly every night, so I've gone out with them, but it's sort of annoying to go out with revelers when you yourself fail to revel.

ETA: there was more to this post, like, a lot, but blogger decided to eat it for some reason. and it wouldn't post yesterday, when it was all still here. erp. bleh.

not in the mood to write more presently, so you gotta wait.

miss me yet? :)

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