Thursday, October 09, 2008

Because I'm tired and uninspired, a post in bullet format.

  • It's great to be working. It would be even greater if it would last. I can only do my best and hope things go my way.
  • Speaking of, holy fuck, is the economy scary, or what?
  • I take light rail to work. Yahoo! gives employees a free VTA pass if they want it, and baby, I want it. An hour of walking, riding, and waiting versus 45 minutes of frustration and coprolalia in the car? No contest.
  • Of course that means I am gone for, like, 11 hours a day. Well, almost: An hour there, eight hours of work, half-hour for lunch, and another hour to get home. Going from spending the day with my BFFs Google Reader and Comcast Digital Cable to applying my brain to learning, working, and interacting with people for 10 straight hours is exhausting. I'm adjusting.
  • NPR is depressing, but I can't stay away. I like my little iAudio.
  • If you use the Internet on your phone and you want to see something I am learning to work on, check out oneSearch. You can use it on your regular computer, it will just look silly in a giant browser when it's meant for something smaller than an iPhone screen. It has some cool features and can only improve from here, so it's a pretty interesting thing to work on.
  • I totally want an iPhone now. Well, some nice smartphone, anyway. I can't afford it yet, but if I get to continue on, I'll work it out. I'm so behind on the blarghs I read, anyhow; it would rule to sit back and squint at the feeds during the commute.
  • I hate thinking about that. I hate not knowing what's going to happen and I hate that it's largely out of my hands. The only thing I can do is try to be as awesome as I know I can be and hope for the best. Hope makes me practically bipolar.
  • Go Obama!
  • No on Prop 8!
  • Leanne for Project Runway!
  • I haven't been to a movie in MONTHS. I must remedy that soon. My discount cards are feeling unloved.
  • The Mountain Goats are playing San Francisco later this month. I don't think I can go, though. Three amazing nights last March should set me for the year, plus I'm still broke. Also, it seems sad to only see one band repeatedly, even if they ARE totally awesome.
  • I am ready for my close-up today. Too long I've let my self respect stand in my way.

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