Saturday, April 07, 2012

Weeds I have known and do not love

This isn't about food. And this isn't a blog I update much, since Facebook is a million times more convenient, but for fear of annoying everyone, ever, I just want to post about the weeds I am trying to remove from the backyard. And how much I hate them. In fact, this list is in ranked order.

8. Miners lettuce - it's edible, but dying off, and tends to come up when I remove other, more noxious weeds.
7. Oxalis or creeping woodsorrel - I'm not sure which it is, to be honest, but they don't bother me that much.
6. Groundsel and black nightshade - easy to remove, not that annoying.
5. Filaree - they look nastier than they are (spiky, but not really), but sometimes the buggers are hard to get out.
4. Field madder - dislike largely for its prolific nature and tendency to grow up between the chain link and wood fence, making it impossible to remove completely.
3. Sowthistle - meh to thistles and dandlelions, for they are often spiky and big and have soft stems that are difficult to pull out, roots and all.
2. "Little" mallow - this garbage's about 6 feet tall in spots, with roots as thick as my arm and impossible to pull out with my bare hands.
1. Catchweed bedstraw - hate it! Sticks on everything, then you find little burs and leaves on your clothes later, plus it is a skin irritant. Die, you horrible little plant, die.

Sometime soon, I hope to have happier topics. Assuming I ever update the blog again.


Christine Marietta said...

Yes, but can you order bodily expulsions from best to worst? Oh, you can? Maybe the new phase of your blogging will be best-to-worst lists.

emily said...

Or "least crappy to most." Yes. Lists. Well, this was very likely a rare occurrence.