Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Hierarchy of Needs, or My Endless To-Do List, in no particular order...

  1. My house is a mess. It needs to be un-messed, in steps that are too overwhelming to detail.
  2. Rabbits are messy. Their mess should be removed as well.
  3. Too many blank walls. Too many piles of artwork waiting to be hung, or framed and then hung. Each placement is a new debate.
  4. Dear god, will the dishes ever be done?
  5. Work. I work five days a week and I am always busy the whole entire day and sometimes after. Work has its own to-do list, which company confidentiality rules compel me to avoid posting here.
  6. OK, mostly I am working on a tool thing and also planning for how we will show elections-related stuff in search results. This does not sound very involved when I put it like that. It is, in fact, very involved, and I have buried myself in it. This is 40+ hours each week of my head being chock-full of thoughts that cannot be displaced with "life."
  7. The yard. It's useless. Full of weeds and a "compost pile" that's really just a heap of food waste that we hope rots nicely. We need the yard to not be full of weeds and mulch but rather pavers, wanted plants, fruit trees, and some comfortable patio furniture.
  8. To de-shittify the yard, we need to find some kind of landscaping contractor to do the job, which involves spending more time on Angie's List than anyone has any desire to, plus actually contacting, consulting, and negotiating with said people.
  9. Also the front yard, which has fewer weeds but a small lawn we want to kill and replace with native plants. The killing and the planning and the digging and the planting represent far too many items on the to-do list, not to mention item No. 1, which is getting up the energy/wherewithal to actually start.
  10. I like reading books. That's good for your brain, right? I want to spend more time doing that.
  11. Get out of the food and cooking rut. Get excited again.
  12. Actually speak to and spend time with other human beings outside of a work context. Being friendly with people I am engaging in some kind of transaction with does not count (see also: why I love Sunday mornings).
  13. Groom the bunnies, even though they hate it. Especially Ollie.
  14. Magazines! I'm behind on every magazine I subscribe to. That also counts as brain-reading, right? It's not like I read Cosmo. These are, like, feminist magazines and stuff.
  15. Sleep more.

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