Friday, April 22, 2005

It is some strange conspiracy of fates that I was home before 6.

It's the same fates who decided that when my department at work would be inundated with work that, even with two people in the office, would appear overwhelming, my boss would be out of the office for three days and unable to do any of it.

I try not to discuss work here, but I'm just saying. I've been busy. It was an unfortunate miracle that I wasn't working overtime--unfortunate because it meant there was something so wrong with a project that it wasn't worth further testing until someone else could fix it, meaning nothing until Monday.

I have really got to figure out how to get exercise in a way that makes sense. Or get over at least one excuse. I know I've complained about this before. I really wish I lived in a city and could walk places; I hate this car-dependent, homogenous, engineered setup.

What I really want, though, is a renewal of the Bop of the Day project. A few years ago, my IRC channel, #n00n, had a private FTP site where about six of us uploaded a song or two every day, called the Bop of the Day or BOTD. I think we all collected a lot of decent and interesting music that way. It's the equivalent of an ongoing mix CD project, and I miss it.

You guys who aren't watching Veronica Mars are fucking missing out, by the way.

Let's see. I didn't review my third movie from last week yet, which was Hotel Rwanda. I don't have any intelligent thoughts on it. I cried for most of the movie because it was just that sad. It felt kind of like a horror movie plot with real events. It was a pretty awful thing to watch, and it was no doubt cleaned up considerably for the benefit of audiences and that PG-13 rating. Very affecting.

This week, I have more Homicide: Season 1, The Grey Zone, and The Incredibles. Yeah, what was that I said about not liking animation much? I think my sister would hate me forever if I didn't watch Pixar movies, though. They are good. More wholesome than my usual fare, but good. Miyazaki and Pixar are the exceptions to my "family-friendly animated films are dumb" rule. Except Monsters, Inc., which I didn't like much. Because I am heartless.

Whether or not I'll do anything productive this weekend remains to be seen. My house needs some cleaning and the yard needs some tending, although the latter aggravated my allergies horribly in last weekend's botched attempt. Anyway, I'm not keeping my hopes up for anything besides watching my DVDs and having pancakes and listening to This American Life tomorrow.

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