Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Movies are fun.

Well, sometimes. Unemotional Holocaust movies like The Grey Zone aren't really fun, but The Incredibles is.

Possibly seeing seeing Star Wars Episode 3 with my entire office will be fun, but who knows. My boss is the biggest Star Wars fan I know, and somehow that translates to the entire company getting to take off an afternoon in June to go to the movies. Awesome.

Netflix finally sent Sideways. Woo! I also have The Anniversary Party and some other movie when they get The Incredibles tomorrow. If The Motorcycle Diary's long wait holds out, it'll be some TV show.

But mostly, I have been watching TV. VERONICA MARS TOTALLY RULES, YOU GUYS. Yes, I have to mention it in every post now. I am still excited from last night's revelations. It's so insane. I want it to be Tuesday again so I can see the next one. Aaaaaaaasdf. I can't even explain it in a way that doesn't make it sound totally stupid, but I swear, it's an awesome show. And it even got renewed!

God, I'm so boring. I don't even have a commercial to bitch about lately. I don't understand the sheep-boy smoothie Skittle commercial, though. It feels like a bastardized edgy comedy sketch.

Monday is my sister's 21st birthday. I'm gonna go up to San Francisco on Sunday and do some celebratory lunching, but I can't stay for the midnight drink-fest. I have work. You darn crazy kids.

Okay, I'm done. Tell me something interesting.

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Julie said... has an article about the Skittles sheepboys. They often have reviews of commercials, which are actually quite entertaining. Now that I've joined the Tivo cult, I rarely see commercials, so they don't annoy me so much.