Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's been another while since I posted, and I feel exactly as verbose as I did the last time I posted.

I'm leaving for the PacNW tomorrow. I haven't made many solid plans beyond Harem party on the 30th and NYE plans-ish, not to mention the obvious familial obligations from my arrival through Christmas day. So that leaves a lot of open space, and I need to talk to people, some of whom read this (Julie, are you in town?) and some of whom don't, probably. Trasportation is going to end up being an issue, so much so that I'm considering renting a damn car even though it will be ridiculously expensive for my under-25-years-old self. It's either that or lots of Greyhound tickets or friends who like driving.

I am using the coin-op laundry room in my building for the first time, and I was too dumb to know how to turn on the light or count my quarters at first, but now it's humming away, although I have no idea how long the cycle is.

The office holiday party last Friday was fun, and I was generously awarded for my year of good work with an awesome bonus, which totally made my weekend despite being sick as fuck. Then, in the office secret santa gift exchange, my gift was well-received and I was given a Netflix gift certificate, which is also a nice gift. So it's been all goodwill toward man up in here this week.

For my birthday, the Editor gave me a sweet Rasputin gift card, which he helped me spend last night. I got Lou Reed's Transformer which I can't believe I didn't own years ago, Sugar's Copper Blue, Tom Waits's Bone Machine, the Mountain Goats's Nothing for Juice, and Best in Show on DVD. I have a giant pile of new music to absorb.

I've got a box loaded with presents for my family and a 5:30 flight to catch tomorrow. I'm almost ready.

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