Sunday, December 04, 2005

There have been no updates.

God forbid. Stop hitting reload, guys, it's going to be okay.

I'm sitting here with a mug of rooibos tea, contemplating god knows what. I feel like a lot of what's been going on isn't anything I want to share on a public blog. Not that I won't eventually spill, but it needs to feel less immediate, have the context of time to frame it.

I'm having a fucking great weekend, though.

Yesterday the Editor came over for the afternoon and kicked my ass (okay, BARELY) at Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition and ate all my salt and pepper Kettle Chips. That bastard. There was one question on the DVD that I missed because I am stupid, and had to go buy Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen as penance. I introduced him to the wonders of Katamari Damacy, which, while not a video game I personally play, because nothing is, is a game I find pretty amusing to watch.

Kevin came home in the evening after spending the day with his mom and we went out to our favorite Thai restaurant, Amarin Thai. The corn cake and tofu salad is so good, the soups are all tasty, and the curries and stir fries make me happy. They also have brown rice. Love!

Today we headed up to Berkeley. We had a whole day planned, and we did pretty much just what we planned. First up was the Thai temple breakfast, which is only held on Sundays and involves exchanging money for tokens, because the Buddhists can't take money or something. It was delicious and fun, the closest thing to food in Thailand that I've had here. Then we started heading toward Telegraph to hit up Amoeba, but I noticed we were near the Berkeley Bowl, which is a much-vaunted independent grocery store, and I just had to stop by to see what they had. It was pretty incredible. The produce section is insane. We made it out with just buying a couple canisters of loose tea (rooibos and organic genmai-cha).

Amoeba was a pocketbook-wrenching experience. In the used section, I found the aforementioned Born to Run; Iron & Wine's Our Endless Numbered Days; the Talking Heads' '77; and the Minus 5's In Rock, which lately disappeared from eMusic. Add these to my other recent acquisitions: Wilco's live double CD, Kicking Television, which Kevin brought me from Streetlight, and Devendra Banhart's Nino Rojo and Daniel Johnston's Songs of Pain from eMusic. I have a lot of listening in my near future.

We also visited a vintage store on Telegraph, where Kevin found some clothes, and Cody's Books, where I fed my magazine addiction. The last stop was way down the road in Oakland, Colucci Cafe, an Ethiopian restaurant with an impressive vegetarian menu. We ordered the shouro combo, which had mitten shouro (our favorite chickpea dish), gomen (collard greens), and akalit (potatoes, carrots, and string beans). It was some of the same items we normally get at Gojo, but they tasted completely different and were quite delicious.

Here is something that Kevin just said which I wanted to share: "I was getting excited by my newfound gayness." There is context which doesn't involve anyone coming out of the closet, but it is funnier out of context.

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Julie said...

you eat such good food! I rarely get to eat out anymore, and cooking for one can be difficult at times (not to mention having only 2 hours at home max each evening before bed). I'm looking forward to break when I can take care of my inner foodie. :)