Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cognitive dissonance.

In March, Belle and Sebastian will be playing San Francisco with the New Pornographers. I am lately in love with the New Pornographers and will definitely be picking up tickets when they go on sale this weekend. They're $30. This is no problem at all.

But here's the thing. I hate Belle and Sebastian.

It's true. I hate their twee little sound. I hate their pussy excuse for energy. I hate it when their music comes on while I'm driving because I think I am going to fall asleep and get into a car wreck. But everyone I know loves them, certainly including anyone who'd go to the show with me.

I'm open to the possibility that they will impress me with their live show. I really am. But mostly I'm just hoping not to be a party pooper.


Jessica said...

Their songs are very hit-or-miss with me. I'm not diehard, but I figured I should see them live and see if I feel differently.

Jana said...

The one person I've met that really likes them is Chris. I listened to them a lot around him, especially on car trips. But I can't stand the singing. It gets on my nerves; it's not real singing. It's breathy, from the throat, and not tonally focuses as it should be. So I'm with you on hating Belle and Sebastian. I usually only reserve my hate for the real criminals, like boy pop and country western singers, but today I'll make an exception for solidarity. They aren't far from pretentious, self-loving crap. :-) But I WOULD want to see New Pornographers, as would Tom. He introduced them to me. Same time as I discovered Yeah Yeah Yeahs (great) and Postal Service (yawn).

aja said...

i haven't heard enough belle and sebastian to cast a vote yet. but i'd probably be one of those people who likes them. but, i'm drunk right now. for serious. why are you not on irc. have you heard the silversun pickups? i am stuck on a song by them right now. if we still had BOTD, i'd make you listen to them. i am impressed by my typing right now. bye.