Friday, February 24, 2006

Sickness explanation, part 2.

Yesterday I visited a different doctor at the same Kaiser facility I went to before. The last doctor I saw had me explain my symptoms, then talked at me about how I needed to take a slew of OTC meds and this nasty nasal steroid called Nasoral. He stressed the importance of taking Sudafed, despite my objections that it makes me feel speedy. He also prescribed "time." That was a month ago.

When I went back, I told the doctor that he told me I'd eventually get better, and, well, I felt like eventually should have already arrived. This doctor not only came up with a better explanation for why I'd been sick for TWO FUCKING MONTHS, but she explained how to treat it better and with fewer drugs. Basically, I have allergies, which lead to my developing a sinus infection, which made me more susceptible to all these colds I've been getting. I'm not doing anything about the cold, as it's going away on its own, but I have amoxicillin for the sinus infection and am continuing the claritin for the allergies, with a side of saline nasal spray followed by the Nasoral twice daily.

In addition, she did something completely novel and actually examined me. With that little light-in-the-ear thing AND a stethoscope. She saw a funny mole and made me an appointment with a dermatologist. She was concerned about my blood pressure and told me to stop drinking coffee (fuck fuck fuck).

And before it gets really late, a quick rundown of everything else: Kevin and I have been renting movies from Bradley Video (but not porn, though I hear the porn selection is excellent! heh), including The Yes Men and Broken Flowers because I wanted him to see them (and he enjoyed them very much) and Harvey and The Apartment, which made for an awesome classic movie night at Casa de Sick Girl here in Campbell. We visited Zeni, supposedly the best Ethiopian restaurant in the area, and were not all that excited about it. I also have cool books and magazines to read, so I need to set aside some happy shiny re-smartening time. We keep meaning to go see The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, plus today Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story and Boys of Baraka are opening. Damn you, movies!

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Yay! Em's going to get well!