Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Things I'm gonna do.

Feb. 9: Jeff Tweedy w/ Glenn Kottche @ The Fillmore
eta: This was completely excellent!

Feb. 10: The Ike Reilly Assassination @ Don Quixote's

Feb. 13: Sex Workers Art Show @ Cafe du Nord

Feb. 18: Rjd2 @ The Independent

Feb. 27: Robyn Hitchcock w/ The Minus 5 @ Slim's

Mar. 10: Voxtrot w/ We Are Wolves @ Hemlock (Jess, still need to get tickets?)

Mar. 21: Belle & Sebastian w/ New Pornographers @ SF Design Center

Apr. 17: The Books @ Great American Music Hall

Apr. 20: Dinosaur jr. @ Great American Music Hall

I'd say that's a pretty fucking decent calendar.


Anonymous said...

But....when are you going to come see your mommy? :(
She misses you....

emily said...

that is a good point. help me find a good weekend (read: good airfare) to go to portland/seaside? :)

Paul Cannon said...

Hopefully I can go to the Sex Worker's show tonight at OFS. Otherwise I'll have to stay at home and cry myself to sleep.

Jana said...

I've got Ben Folds and Stereolab on the calendar, or so says Tom. Woohoo! Your list is quite impressive, though. I hope you have fun!