Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Okay, so I was going to post a really exciting recap of my weekend and not one, but two great Mountain Goats shows, but I am so fucking exhausted at the moment I'd rather die than think about forming interesting sentences. I need to eat some food and go to the Editor's house and meet their kitten and be instructed on its care and feeding. Their other two cats are beautiful and lovely and kittens embarrassingly make me squee.

I am tired because (1) I got 6 hours of sleep and I'm a 7 hours or more kind of girl and (2) the first day of my period is never any fun. I can't relish it like some, uh, artists, I guess. If I had a red tent to visit, I'd probably spend my time there in a fetal position, begging for cups of tea and dark chocolate. Not exactly female empowerment time.

Anyway, last night and Friday night I saw the Mountain Goats for the second and third times. The Friday night show was in Seattle and I took my friends Chris and Lauren and they enjoyed it very much. They played a bunch of really old stuff (like on the tapes/compilations, lots of stuff I don't have because I just not that hardcore, really) and some of the songs that will be on the new album. JD told amusing stories. Then the encore included "No Children" AND "The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton," both of which are so great and such a treat to hear. Last night's show in SF was a bit more sedate, as JD had gotten sick and was at risk of damaging his vocal chords should he belt out a few too many fan favorites. The "No Children" debate was quashed with a performance where the audience was on tuneless, shouted vocals and John and Peter played the music and giving cues for the verses. Otherwise, they delved further into the obscure, which includes a lot of great songs you might not otherwise hear because, admittedly, listening to the old recordings is kind of a chore, no matter how great the lyrics are. John Vanderslice, another fantastic performer, gave a nice rendition of "Your Belgian Things," though I heard his performance of the same the night before was a little more enthusiastic.

So, the rest of the weekend. I visited lots of friends -- besides Chris and Lauren, I saw Becky (and her cat Pippen), Josie (and Boo), Christine, Danger, Jana, Tom, and Graylan. There was a visit to the University District farmer's market where we found delicious tomatoes, cheese, and other locally-produced goodies, Pagliacci's pizza delivered, heart disease-inducing real mac and cheese made, and lots of catching up among old friends. I made it to Olympia Saturday night and spent two good days with my family. Sunday was my brother's senior recital, and it was great. His performance was beautiful (I especially liked the pieces he composed himself), there was an awesome turnout, and I got to spend time with family and family friends I don't see often. (Speaking of which, I owe lots of emails...) Plus, mom made bucolne dulce, which is a divine layered dessert consisting of meringue, chocolate, whipped cream, and strawberries.

On the other hand, I was suffering from a bit of a cold/cat allergies/sinus infection/who the fuck knows all weekend. And, again, I'm super tired at the moment, so forgive my awkward phrasing in this entry. I'm trying to be descriptive and no doubt failing.


Christine said...

My period started today too, so we would be in the red tent together. I'd bring you tea and chocolate and read you feminist manifestos. Then we could play MASH all night!

emily said...

that sounds like my idea of heaven, maybe.

JS Bangs said...

You girls are weird.

I knew, somehwere in my subconscious, that you were coming to Seattle, but now I feel bad that my conscious brain forgot about it and I made no effort to at least say hi while you were up here. Larisa can be reticient (ala Kevin), but I think I could have convinced her to get out. Oh, well.

emily said...

yeah, and i have pretty much no idea how to contact you. i couldn't even dig up an email address the last time i tried! (but maybe your hosting was down at that time, or something.)