Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dip me in dust mites and call me Sneezy.

I returned to the allergist yesterday. To her great surprise, the swelling in my nose had gone down "75%," she said. She was impressed. Needless to say, I'm impressed, mostly with breathing. I've been using just the allegra and the rhinocort aqua for a few days now and all seems well enough.

The doctor explained that the grass allergies are seasonal and should be over their annual peak in July. She told me to get dust mite-blocking mattress and pillow covers for my bedding and make sure to wash my sheets in hot water at least every two weeks (hey, I use a coin-op washer, this doesn't happen already, okay?). Then she said I could start getting the allergy shots in July.

Allergy shots can actually kill you, by the way. Not likely, but it's possible. I think I'll take my chances, though. I will get one shot with cats and dust and one with grasses and in three to five years, if all goes well, I should be able to go both medicine- and shot-free into the allergen-riddled world.

Anyway, the success of the allergy treatments leaves me with little excuse when it comes to exercise. Until now, I've been lazy because I felt like crap all the time (and yes, not exercising certainly contributed, but being unable to breathe didn't help much), but now I can only claim to be lazy. So I've got to figure out the best way for me to integrate good exercise into my daily routine, and maybe it's the stupid workout video game and maybe it's something else. I don't really like being with people or having to go somewhere because, again, lazy. This is not a call for suggestions, by the way.

Wednesday evening I saw the Eels and Smoosh at the Fillmore with Kevin, the Editor, and an old friend of the Editor's. It was an absolute blast. They have a guy (we think they called him Crazy Al, but there was some debate as to the last word) onstage with them, dressed as a security guard, who annouces things, does weird shit like "dance" by doing kung fu/boxing moves/push-ups, and squirts whipped cream into willing audience members' mouths. Fucking fantastic.

Tonight is Jim Gaffigan at the Mountain Winery. What a pretty place for a silly show. Next weekend I am headed to the PacNW to see some of my favorite people and one of my favorite bands.

All my Netflixes lately are Deadwood Season 2. It is delicious. We did rent some things from Bradley Video last week--Fear and Trembling, which I liked okay; Face, the Japanese movie about a woman who kills her sister and flees, which I didn't like much; and re-watching The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Ghost World. Kevin didn't like the latter much, which saddened me.

Also, I bought some unnecessary crap in the form of shiny oxblood-colored mock croc Dansko clogs on eBay, a pretty black and silver-striped skirt, and a bunch more tea from a new website. Isn't consumerism grand?


Jana said...

I don't know if this has already been discussed or addressed, but you should talk to Lauren about how she overcame every one of her allergies with accupuncture. I know she also had a vial of something around her neck that she wore. It's all very interesting and is absolutely true. You should definately talk to her about it if you haven't already.

Paul Cannon said...

Somebody in my Psychology class claims one can cure cancer through "power of mind."

Try that.

emily said...

yeah, lauren's told me about her acupuncture experiences, and i lived with steph while she was doing the same. but all the same, i think i'm going to stick with the medicine that's covered by my insurance.

Christine said...

I hear ya... I have a list of alternative doctors I'd like to go to, but in the end, I take the $10 copay every time. My doctor is good, though, so it works out.