Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I can breathe!

It's truly magical, except for the times when it's not because being able to breathe means being able to smell. Bad things. Like the diaper-esque aroma of the bathroom in my office building. Yuck.

The predinisone, I think, is to blame for my weird mood/slightly dizzy feeling over the past week. I'd go for a little walk and just feel bizarre. I felt very empty-headed and sometimes depressed. I felt enormously tired. I...decided to stop taking the stuff after a week.

Which is perfectly okay. Great, even. The allergist told me it would take at least five days but up to two weeks to work, and to stop using it once it started to work. Since I've been largely sneeze-free (well, significantly less sneezy), I think that counts, so as of today, I switched to my old nasal spray, rhinocort aqua. It's a thing of beauty. I feel much better today than I did over the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, it was odd. I slept in a lot, partly because I had sporadic bouts of insomnia and partly because I just felt weird. On Saturday we tried to have a picnic at the beach, but we got a late start, plus it was windy as hell. Pajaro Dunes on a windy day is not fun. I got sand in my eyes. Then I was freezing. This was partly my own fault for trying to be cute that day by wearing a skirt. Bad idea. Mostly I ended up having a minor hissyfit and being generally moody and unpleasant for an entire evening, until we made it to the Malabar Cafe right before it closed and ate delicious food, including some freebies.

Sunday I let go to waste. I don't even remember what I actually did on Sunday. Monday I woke up around 9 and cleaned the shit out of my apartment and my sister came over and baked challah for me. One of the loaves is in the shape of Cthulu. It is awesome.


Julie said...

Cthulu the challah?! I hope someone took a picture!

emily said...

in this age of ubiquitous digital photography, would you believe i surround myself only with those people who never have a digital camera at the ready?

Julie said...

You, obviously, hang out with the wrong people. :P