Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My body is so awesome!

And so is blogger, because it's down half the times I think to post something! Yay!

But getting back to the body = awesome thing. So my current slew of allergy meds is clearly not sufficient (claritin + nasorel [crap!] + the occasional benadryl at night to help me not wake up with dry mouth), so I returned to chez Kaiser to beg for help. He did me right, that ol' doctor, and gave me (1) a prescription for rhinocort aqua, which is the only nasal spray that's done anything for me in the past, and (2) a referral to the allergy clinic.

I'm going in for allergy testing in two weeks. That means, for ten whole days between Thursday and my appointment on the 22nd, I have to be even semi-functional med-free. No claritin, no benadryl, no starting on the rhinocort. That will be fun. I'm going to sneeze my way through May, but maybe I'll finally know which piece of crap in the air makes me sick all the time.

Then spend the next SEVEN YEARS getting regular shots to make it go away.

The worst-case scenario is if I am allergic to gluten or something. That would be the fucking worst, though I'm not even sure they test me for that.

So that will be fun.


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the process sounds crazy, but i used to have really bad allergies too... and now, nothing. it was definitely worth it.