Saturday, May 13, 2006

You don't even know.

John Vanderslice is so good, you guys. SO GOOD. This was the first time we've seen him as the headliner and thus the first time we saw his rant against encores. The man (and his equally awesome band) just kept on standing up there, playing more songs. So many songs! So many OLD(ish) songs, even, like the ode to his fourtracker and the one about the tank man in Tiananmen Square. Fantastic!

Laura Veirs toured with him, but we missed the first half of her set and the second half was beset with distraction in the form of people talking. I think her Noisepop set was the best I've seen her; this was not, but I still find her awesomely endearing.

Being off the allergy meds is interesting. I am clearly allergic to everything now, so the claritin WAS doing SOMETHING... just not enough. It will be good to see what all it is that ails me, because I must say I'm flummoxed. Outdoors, usually, I am okay; at the show last night, I wasn't too bad; everywhere else: ACHOO ACHOO attractive nose running! Especially from (1) waking up and (2) the air conditioner fan at work. So what do you think mold and dust are going to do in that skin test, hmm?

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