Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Margot!

It's my sister's 22nd birthday. If you know her, send her a hello.

I am still solidifying Seattle/Olympia travel plans, but a couple people have said they'd be interested in the show and/or putting me up for a night, so thanks to you. It doesn't seem like I'm going to find a good schedule for fares less than $210, which sucks, but I will be in the area that weekend no matter what. I even plan to take Monday off to make things easier.

There has been far too much show skipping lately, and I'm sad to say it's been mostly me to blame. The amount of snot in my sinuses is at least unpleasant at all times (on a scale of "eh" to "fuck I want to die"), and that makes it hard to want to do things that are fun. Sometimes Benadryl helps me sleep. I have been walking, though, a little bit, and enjoying fresh local produce thanks to the horrible horrible sun. There were strawberries AND valencia oranges in my CSA share this week, in addition to a bunch of lovely vegetables. Fruit is so good!

Edited to add: I have booked plane fare and bought three tickets to the show Friday night. If I can only get one person to go, well, I am sure someone will want to buy an extra ticket at the door. I will send out an email shortly with details for those concerned.


lauren said...

count me in for the show, emily. goats are nature's duct tape.

emily said...

lauren, i know they've held me together in a pinch.

i'm glad you want to come. we'll make it happen. also, if you don't get an email from me, send me a message at emily (at) chiasmus.org so i can be sure i have the right address for you.