Sunday, July 23, 2006

Al Gore is right.

I know that a hot day in July isn't truly evidence of global warming, but still.

It's fucking inescapable.

The other day at work, I walked outside and it was just as hot outside as it usually is when I first get in my car in the evening. That's disgusting.

I hear pretty much the entire West coast is like this right now, except apparently Southern California, which is getting more reasonable temps in the 70s and 80s. I swear to christ it's in the 100s all night here. Okay, not really, but it stays unbelievably hot. We thought about going to Santa Cruz to cool off, but it was in the 90s there, too. Monterey sounded reasonably pleasant, but it's about a two-hour drive, and by the time we could've left, we would've been in the car for the better chunk of the afternoon, which... ugh.

Heat makes me totally lethargic. I had plans to make curry paste and cook all kinds of crap this weekend and it hasn't happened. I walk in the kitchen and think about wiping off the cutting board or rinsing out the blender jar and just go sit back down. The heat also makes me feel like a fat slug. These things combined made me a raging bitch for half of yesterday.

Wow, it was so ho(t) I forgot I was writing a blog entry. We are going to Santa Cruz, where is is in the 80s and 90s and not 103 like it is here right fucking now.


Jessica said...

Almost went to either place today as well! I'm a slug buddy... *oozes round*

JS Bangs said...

You are so right. It's in the 90's here in Seattle, and it's muggy and I hate it. The other night I had to sleep on the balcony because our house was unbearably hot at 11:00pm, and yesterday Larsia and I went out looking to buy a fan to make things livable. We found one--at the eighth place we looked, because they had sold out everywhere else.

Please God please bring the rain back.

JS Bangs said...

Also, you wrote "it's so ho" where I think you meant to write "it's so hot." But you should totally leave it that way.

Julie said...

I can't take the heat...I've actually been getting dizzy spells from it.

Lethargy is my middle name.