Friday, August 04, 2006

Busyness ahoy!

Son of a bitch, there's a lot going on. Sorry for not updating. I haven't even bothered to get photos off my camera and put them on Flickr for awhile, but that will have to wait.

Work has been mildly hellish, but there are new people who are cool and I still love my coworkers and all that. Plus on Wednesday night the Editor and I went up to the city and saw Anton Barbeau and The Loud Family at the Hotel Utah and damn if that wasn't a fucking excellent show. It was a much-needed outing for us both, and we got lots of good talking done as well as rocking. The evening also involved dinner at Amber Cafe, namely the eggplant and mushroom wraps, which are delicious.

But the big news is this: Kevin and I rented a new house. We're moving over the next few weeks. I hope some of you can come see it. It's going to be really fucking excellent. The rent is a bit steep by most peoples' standards, but we can afford it, and the pluses are about a mile long: hardwood floors except the big bedroom that Kevin will use for music stuff, almost all double-paned windows, gardener and water and garbage are included, pretty yard with fruit trees (persimmon, orange, and grapefruit), absolutely phenomenal location (if you know Campbell, it's two blocks off Campbell Ave. near the Los Gatos Creek Trail -- right between downtown Campbell and the Pruneyard), all the charm of a 1940s-vintage home with all the updates a caring owner would make, recently reomodeled kitchen with gas range, and landlords who are friendly and ridiculously reasonable. Sorry for the lengthy sentence; hope it was parsable. Anyway, the point is, the place is super great and we are both really excited to live there.

Tonight I am flying to Washington to be around for only about 30 hours so I can attend my old college friend/roommate's wedding in Olympia. I get in around midnight, sleep in a motel by the airport, get picked up by Josie, Christine, et al., eat a meal in a park, then go see most of my Seattle friends and celebrate some peoples' love or whatever goes on at these "wedding" things, then go back to the motel, sleep a bit, and catch a fucking 6 a.m. flight. It's going to be an AWESOME weekend.

Next weekend is the Death Cab for Cutie/Spoon show in Berkeley, and the weekend after that we're seeing Zack Galifianakis at the Fillmore. In between we will be moving all our crap into the new place. Yay!

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Jessica said...

omg omg I wanna see! And right in Campbell, huzzah!