Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oh Bjork, were you brought by the stork?

Last night we saw Bjork for the second time ever. I never thought I'd see her a first time, so this was a treat. It was at the massive (and massively ugly) Shoreline Amphitheater, which is just as impersonal and ad-ridden as you can imagine. Regardless, Bjork was lovely--resplendant in one of those bizarre getups only she could pull off, a sparkly gold dress with a bubble skirt and giant ruffles covering every other surface, coupled at times with a blue cape and a bigger, more colorful ruffled...thing on her chest. Oh, and transluscent white leggings with low-heel black ankle boots. Her accompaniment was a group of 10 Icelandic ladies playing horns (and wearing flags), a keyboardist, a drummer, and two dudes playing extremely high-tech and visually interesting synthesizers. Of course, Kevin immediately knew what the things were and approximately how much they cost. (Hint: It's a lot of money.)

She played stuff off Post, Homogenic, at least one thing off Vespertine ("Pagan Poetry" may have been the only one), the song from the Olympics, and mostly new stuff, I think. They played "I Miss You" with the horns and a trumpet solo and I thought we might get "It's Oh So Quiet" (horns!), but no such luck. But, "Army of Me" was one of my favorites--it ushered in the use of the green laser stuff, which looked kinda like they were shooting out of her arms when she held them up on the beat.

Joanna Newsom opened. I had only heard a little of her stuff before, and it was very quiet for such a large venue. Kevin told me he read on Wikipedia that she hates having her voice compared to a child's, but we both felt it was more like Cyndi Lauper's than anything. Kevin also suggested that Bjork only picks opening acts who won't upstage her (evidence: Joanna Newsom; Bonnie "Prince" Billy).

In other news, I have been going to therapy and I saw a psychiatrist who told me to try some prozac. I had been kind of feeling maybe better and was on the fence about medication, but I figured it can't hurt (too much) to try. I don't really know what else to say about that.

I've also been totally uncommunicative with friends, for months and months and months, and that is very bad. For the record, I probably won't answer the phone if you call me. I just...don't really feel like talking. If you email I will probably write you something back, but phones, no. And I will probably not send the first email, either, because I don't know what to say besides "Hi, how are you, I suck as a person and as a friend" and then the onus is on you to dispell these distorted thoughts I have about myself before you can even get around to talking about you for a change.

Music I have been listening to lately: Pony Up! (especially "The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Is That They Die)", Peter Bjorn and John, Ted Leo + Pharmacist's newest album.


Christine said...

Boobs on display?! Shocking and unacceptable.

Reply to your email coming soon.

emily said...

not really intentional, exactly -- i was trying to look cute so i wore this dark red shirt that happens to be low cut! and you know i am not small-boobied, so... display. i'm sorry.