Sunday, May 20, 2007

Things about today that were worthwhile.

  • Chopping off half my hair
  • Getting hit on by the ticket window guy at Maker Faire and only having to pay $10 to get in (under-21 student price--despite my asking for an adult ticket and being an adult, I was told, "Are you sure you're not a student? Aw, well, today you are." I blame the boobs, which were on display
  • Seeing the Evolution Control Committee perform, including the song that got them in hot water with CBS, "Rocked by Rape" (accompanied by a slide show that, among other things, once flashed an image of Tori Amos while the word "rape" was said)
  • Getting my current favorite soap from a vendor for $4 apiece
  • Meeting up with my sister and her friend, who ended up being pretty geeky-cool, as well as running into Jess and one of Kevin's coworkers
  • Kevin admitting that he was glad I convinced him to come, because he ended up getting a lot of information and enjoyment out of our brief time at the Faire
  • Eating, almost completely by chance, at a good South Indian restaurant we'd heard about before. Their spring dosa was TOPS

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