Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh, we're terrific.

Today was the appointed day. The day of reckoning. The day...of cleaning.

I have a blister on my right index fingertip from all the scrubbing. The folding table has been put back in the garage and the kitchen is no longer being used as a giant storage receptacle. Work surfaces have been scrubbed. Recycling has been brought out to the bin in droves. Floors were swept; rugs were vacuumed. And still, there is work yet to be done.

The kitchen is largely done, I think, but the living room has a bunch of Kevin's crap (and no doubt a little of mine) that needs to be dealt with. The room I'm in now (dubbed "The Other Room") is in extreme need of organization and purposing--my desk, project workspace for Kevin, sitting area, futon, storage. The futon needs its frame, which needs my new bed frame to be stained and assembled before it can stop moonlighting as a platform bed, and there's still a TV and PS2 in here, not hooked up to anything. And one of those large exercise balls (meant to be) used to do pilates and the like.

I ate a veggie chicken burger at Happy Bamboo today that was delightful. Pretty much all the food I put in my mouth today was heavenly, actually, save maybe the neglected, lukewarm coffee and the muggy room temp water. I made almond-cinnamon pancakes with strawberries for breakfast, and at lunch we had summer rolls and veggie drumsticks (quite possibly HB's best dish; the only thing we order unfailingly).

Also, I have been watching Twin Peaks season 2. I regret watching it after dark because it's nonsensical and fucked up in a way that can haunt my dreams.

Plus I am tired. I want to go to the farmers' market tomorrow and see if anyone has avocados, and buy peaches and cherries.

I am thinking of coming up to Portland/Seaside sometime in July, well after my mom gets home from Europe. I am trying to convince Kevin to come with me. I am feeling pretty anti-event-attendance this year, but I am warming up to the idea of casual socializing. It's feeling very hard right now, and I am feeling that I've wronged a lot of people and have a lot to apologize for, just by disappearing.

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