Thursday, January 03, 2008

Not pictured.

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Sometimes I just didn't feel like fishing the camera out of my bag. Obviously the Eiffel Tower temporarily cured me of that, but still. There's a few points missing from my travels.

  • Pretty much all the food I ate, some of which was, of course, bordering on spectacular. (It was Paris, after all.)
  • The museums. I didn't make it to the Louvre, but I didn't take anything at the Orsay or the Pompidou (and yes, pictures without flash are allowed). Or the Erotic Museum in Pigalle, or the Dali in Montmartre.
  • Most of the walking, oh, the endless walking. Or my sad, pathetic boot insoles that were worn paper thin at the balls of my feet. Ouch.
Seriously, Paris is full of beautiful, iconic stuff that you've probably seen before and I couldn't capture it well enough on film to make it worth posting.

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