Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today I...

* Tendered my resignation at work.
* Sent annoying emails to people I hope maybe to work for.
* Did not exchange glances or words with anyone ranked higher than my boss.
* Was left out of a big meeting.
* Ate a really unhealthy but incredibly delicious burrito.
* Felt anxious.
* Text messaged my friend.
* Found a little hope in some prospects for both full time and freelance work.
* Had a "retirement" dinner at Amber India thanks to my friend, who is almost as glad as I am that I will soon no longer work where I currently work.
* Fell and twisted my ankle again, but I can still walk on it fine.
* Called and babbled at Kevin. Twice.
* Bothered the rabbits, who apparently don't like red leaf lettuce. They ONLY like romaine, I guess.
* Had a Pony Up! song stuck in my head all day.
* Wondered what the fuck I'm going to do next.

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