Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Unemployment, day 3

I decided it might be "fun" to attempt to chronicle my vast wanderings through cyberspace, seeking gainful employment. Thus far it's consisted of hitting "refresh" on Craigslist's SF Bay Area writing/editing jobs page and harassing former coworkers on LinkedIn. Most of my days have been sucked up by that glowing siren, television. Oh, daytime TV, such a wasteland of repeats and syndication. I have yet to succumb to Oprah, but my god, did you know that there's two straight hours of ER on every morning? I don't even like ER, but it's on the episodes where Dr. Greene finds out he has brain cancer again and hey, look, the abused wife is now totally the sexy bitch on Mad Men!

I quit my job to pursue what I actually wanted to do. So far, that includes doing the dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, staying in bed all day, checking my email, and watching an obscene amount of stupid TV. Can't say it's a total lie, but it doesn't pay the bills. And I do love other things, too! Like, uh, being right and knowing stuff and helping people (see that I was right about the stuff I said I knew)!

This has been kind of fun! Maybe I'll do it again tomorrow.

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Natalia said...

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