Thursday, February 07, 2008

Oh, hell, I'd rather watch doggy poo.

For serious, it's a movie. An animated Korean movie about a living piece of dog shit that ponders the meaning of life, or something. And you can watch it ***instantly*** on Netflix. Oh, if only my computer ran Windows instead of Linux.

Today's episode of ER dealt with Dr. Greene deciding to quit chemo and quit working. It was a huge fucking bummer. Maybe the reason I can't stop watching it is that it reminds me of when my own dad was dying of cancer. I teared up. It was bad. I had to polish off my stash of (homemade, vegan, whole grain, low sugar!) chocolate chocolate chip cookies after that.

My fluffy, floppy-eared little friend Lilly is amusing me with her adventures. They're simple adventures, like out to the living room and hopping up to the first step of our shoe bench, but they're adorable. Any rabbit adventure is an adorable adventure. I think it says so in the House Rabbit Handbook. Lilly and Ollie taking a nap together is adorable. Ollie cleaning his butt is adorable. Ollie is cutest head-on, while Lilly is best in profile. The bunnies hate me, but I don't care. They like the food I bring them and sometimes they let me pet them for a minute.

Is anyone still watching Project Runway? Sometimes I think I'm the only one of people I actually know. Anyway, Crying Ricky finally got auf'd! I cheered so loud that Ollie ran under the bed to take cover.

By the way, anyone want to take a poll? How about several hundred? My good friends down at the ol' ex-employer have got you covered in the inane polls department. Hey, everyone needs a paycheck.

Even me. Soon. Someone please give me a job? I will TOTALLY work hard and stuff.

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