Saturday, February 16, 2008

A cooking binge.

Some people go on drinking binges; others on eating binges. I sometimes go on cooking binges. I eat some of the fruits of my labor, but pretty much spend a few hours cooking up a storm.

Last night I cobbled together some vegetable soup and broccoli polenta cakes because I wasn't feeling too well and I had a bunch of vegetables to use up. It turned out rather tasty for something random (well, the polenta was a half batch of a simple recipe from Veganomicon). The soup contained one diced onion, several cloves of minced garlic, two sweet Italian red peppers, a handful of diced baby carrots, dried oregano, half-sharp paprika, short grain brown rice, a can of kidney beans, a bagful of baby spinach, and a bay leaf for good measure. The polenta is just polenta cooked with finely chopped fresh broccoli, spooned into a muffin tin, chilled, then stuck under the broiler to brown a bit. I put it in the middle of my bowl and scooped up bits of the cake with my spoon as I ate my soup.

Today I have been going a tad overboard. I had a giant bag of cremini mushrooms that were meant to go into a variety of recipes that I never bothered to make this week, so I thought I'd saute them up and put them in savory chickpea crepes. Because the crepe batter has to be chilled for at least an hour, I ended up baking two kinds of muffins just to use up a carton of soy yogurt I had (and also, I fucking love muffins)--chocolate macadamia with a gentle dusting of coconut and cornmeal blueberry with meyer lemon zest. These both turned out heavenly.

Still waiting for my batter to chill, I started in on the time-consuming task of slicing my creminis and ended up with about six cups of the damn things. Kevin thought I was insane and wanted to know why it was taking me three hours to make lunch. I told him to eat leftovers.

But we cannot live on mushrooms and crepes alone, of course. Oh, no. So I thought, hey, I can do the mushrooms with kala jeera (black cumin seeds) and red onion, then make some palak tofu (spinach and tofu curry--using tofu instead of panir cheese for the vegan's sake) to round it out! Totally reasonable. So now there's a pan full of bright green and spicy spinach with tofu cubes, a pan full of sauteed creminis, and a bowl of crepe batter just waiting for me to ruin too many and give up and make rice instead.


Anonymous said...

Could you like, umm, come up to my house, and like, uhh, cook here? THE GRAYLAURENSHIRE DEMANDS IT!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I second that! yu-um.