Monday, May 19, 2008

You can't just throw 'em away!

As a cheap way of helping me put away some of the piles of crap that prevent our house from looking presentable to the prying eyes of our landlord, I purchased a pack of 10 bag hutches.


Tracy said...

hahaha. Is that Tobias? Great video.

Do you really have too many bags? We just use them in place of garbage bags and recycling bags. It works, take it from me! I love you. ;c)

emily said...

yeah, it is david cross -- he is the david of Mr. Show with Bob and David. (bob plays the guy tobias has a role-playing couples counseling session with, incidentally.)

i don't have too many bags, i just think of that sketch every time i buy a plain cardboard box. we do that reusing thing, too! works for everything but the kitchen trash, which is too big for most shopping bags.