Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Like Clockwork

Few things change, really. I mean, they change progressively, they move on, but they don't vary wildly from one instance to the next. Like all the bullshit associated with my menstrual cycle, for instance.

The day or two before things start, I get emotional, depressed, and have some big speech for Kevin about things that annoy me in the relationship. The next day, I realize I'm fucking bleeding. By early afternoon, I'm doubled over with severe lower abdominal discomfort. Is this too much for your eyes? Too fucking bad. It's too much for my afternoon, and I'm living it. You can always stop reading. I feel like puking--though I won't--and no position or amount of ibuprofen helps.

Fortunately, this is only for the first day. The other days are just annoying for the whole bleeding thing, but not feeling nauseous.

Also, Kevin did not like the Muppet Show episode I showed him last night. This is unconscionable.

And I need to set up filters on my e-mail inboxes. I have gotten way too many piece of shit virus spam in the past few months. Not that these matter on a linux server when I'm reading mail in pine, but they're irritating.

And I still need a job. Pooh.

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