Thursday, June 30, 2005

Foods that are making me happy today.

Besides all of them.

Breakfast of Trader Joe's California complete protein bread with almond butter and marionberry preserves, strawberry yogurt, and cranberry-orange juice.

Lunch from the Trader Joe's refrigerated section: vegetable sushi, noodles with carrots, cilantro-lime dressing, and toasted coconut and peanuts, and a protein with PZAZZ (I swear that is how they spell it, inexplicably) shake.

We picked up a box of lime juice popcicles, too, and enjoyed them later in the afternoon.

Dinner? Ethiopian again. This time with Kevin's mom and grandfather, so we were able to order pretty much every vegetarian item (and his grandfather had the lamb, thanks to Chris's previous recommendation). Gojo's vegetarian menu includes a veggie combo of the spicy red lentils, mild yellow split peas, collard greens, a mixture of cabbage, carrots, and potatoes, and a lightly dressed green salad. In addition to that, we get mitten shiro, which is a smooth gravy of pureed chickpeas and spices, and timatim fitfit, a cold, sour mixture of tomato, onion, bell peppers, and pieces of injera. It is all super delicious and I LOVE IT.

Despite my very full belly, I felt the need to break into my super dark chocolate bar. It soothes the soul. Plus, I have some sparkling lemonade.

And this is all I can think to write about today.


Jana said...

It sounds heavenly! Wow. I love when food can move your soul like that. Kinda makes me sad to be dieting...

emily said...

you make it sound like my diet is full of unhealthy food! haha. okay, so ethiopian food is probably a tad fattening...

Anonymous said...

my only question: What type of dark chocolate? what brand/cocoa %?


emily said...

(who is M? i know a lot of people whose name begins with M. also, i am watching the movie "M" about a child murderer right now, so, creepy.)

it was the organic 73% super dark bar from trader joe's. purple wrapper.