Friday, June 03, 2005

I got paid to watch "Star Wars."

Seriously. My entire company went this afternoon, and we got some cash for snacks. My boss and I went an hour early to reserve seats for everyone, which involved a lot of jackets. (My boss is--and I cannot overstate this--a huge Star Wars fan.) Did I mention that my job is pretty sweet?

I did enjoy it. It was about as good as the reviews generally say--the visuals are great; the dialogue is cheesy. Most of the characters were fairly flat for me, but Ewan McGregor was good. The first thing Darth Vader says and does once he gets the helmet is too, too much. Padme and Anakin make me want to vomit. This is probably the first and last time you'll see me write anything about Star Wars.

So now it's the weekend. I have some more Scrubs to watch, the first Twin Peaks DVD to finish, and the biopic about Peter Sellers to be annoyed by. I might attempt to henna my hair again; maybe it will take better this time. I also might catch some other movie at the Cinema Saver if they still have Sin City or something.

Other than that, I just need to try not to die, or to let my plants die.


Julie said...

If you haven't henna'd yet, I have some suggestions (my mom was a salon owner forever and ever).

You'll need to clarify beforehand, if you don't have clarifying shampoo, wash with something really strong. Next, a protein treatment. I have a sample of some if you want me to mail it to you. Then deep condition. Your color should really take if you do this, and last longer.

Feel free to disregard, because sometimes it just works fine w/out anything. =)

Jana said...

Well, that was actually fairly nice of you to say about Star Wars, considering your standards. I'm impressed! :P

emily said...

hahah. well, part of it is i'm afraid of my star wars-obsessed boss finding any negative words about star wars on my website, should she ever choose to visit. (I KID, I KID. it really wasn't that bad.)

julie, thanks for the suggestions! i haven't re-hennaed yet, though i will someday. last time i only shampooed beforehand, but i do have a good conditioner. don't know that i can afford a protein treatment, as anything i've found labeled as such cost more than the henna itself. but maybe the conditioner and different shampoo alone will help it along a bit. thanks again!