Sunday, June 05, 2005

Preemptive strike: The Mountain Goats.

Hello to anyone in the SF Bay Area or anyone planning to be here on June 24!

Have I got a deal for you!

If you enjoy the fine sounds of the Mountain Goats, I have tickets to their Friday night show at Bottom of the Hill, and I want someone to go with me. This is a fairly open invite: my usual suspects have been kinda "eh" on the subject, but this should not preclude them from nabbing my extra ticket if they ACT FAST. Or even slow.

Please! Don't make me be a lonely loser! Be my friend! I'LL PAY YOU.


aja said...

okay, if none of you crazies take emily up on her offer, i will shit myself. i so so badly want to go, but can't, as i am poor and might as well live a million miles away. the mountain goats are awesome. if you are unsure, contact me and i will send you an mp3.

Jana said...

I too would love to go! But Seattle is a little too far away. I'm supposed to be in Portland the night before, actually, but still don't have the bucks to make it down to San Fran that fast. Em, rock out, and drag Kevin with you!