Monday, July 25, 2005

I have a dark chocolate-mint problem.

Namely, it's apparently hard to find. Whole Foods was out of the two tried-and-true bars in the "not obscene" price range that were not Ghiradelli (blech)--that is, the Endangered Species kind and the Lake Champlain bar--so I ended up with some Stonyfield Farms chocolate mint chip frozen yogurt. This was unfortunate, because it's not the traditional mint ice cream-chocolate chip arrangement, but rather dry, vaguely minty chips swimming in a barely chocolatey soup. Perhaps I should have paid closer attention to the label.

This comes in stark contrast to the "light" Haagen-Daz mint chocolate chip, which is barely less fattening than most regular grocery store ice creams, but incredibly delicious, or the Double Rainbow mint chocolate chip soy cream, which is so good, it makes me want to cry sometimes that the usual outlets seem not to be selling it anymore.

Yes, I am a whore. A whore for dark chocolate. And mint. But mostly chocolate.

So, I had kind of a bad weekend, and I don't want to go into it, but it could have meant a pretty major lifestyle change for me, but it has at least temporarily resolved itself, so don't you worry your pretty little heads about me. And don't fucking ask when I'm moving back to Seattle.

I need to get a life. I keep doing nothing, and it's really lame. I don't know why, either--it's like I'm terrified to do stuff alone. Which is so completely laughable, I don't even know what to think. I mean, consider the things I have done by my damn self: for god's sake, I went all the way around the world on my own to spend time with strangers. Why is it so hard for me to go hang out in a coffee shop or to a movie here?

On the plus side, we hung out with Kevin's dad and all that, sitting around the much-cooler Aptos when it was certainly 90+ degrees in San Jose and playing Pictionary well into the night. Heh. I watched Wild at Heart and Born into Brothels on Sunday, both of which were great. It was hot as fuck all day, which always makes me want to die.

But I'm not dead, and I'm not going to die.


~the mom said...

try: R.E.I.
400 El Paseo de Saratoga
San Jose, CA 95130
408 871-8765
for Endangered Species.

Anonymous said...

whole foods was just out of the particular flavor of endangered species bar i wanted, not that they stopped carrying it altogether. that is the problem with double rainbow, though... but thanks!

Anonymous said...

my store has 'em. Big sister want a discount? ;)
Come to the Jazz fest in northbeach today (july30) or tomorrow.I'll be your dark chocolate mint hookup.