Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I wasn't even going to post today--not a whole hell of a lot to say--but I wanted to respond to this week's Free Will Astrology for me.

This week's horoscope was about brainstorms: "I don't care what term you employ, Sagittarius, as long as you just do it. You're overdue for prolonged encounters with mind volcanoes, imagination avalanches, and creativity hurricanes."

I AM A HURRICANE. I have killed people!

But I'm having trouble with my creative side. I just can't get started. I need to spend more time talking to people. This isn't even possible at work anymore because we are too freakin' busy. Unfortunately, that is my greatest exposure to fellow humans.

It's getting a little desperate up there in my head.


Julie said...

see, in architecture school, talking to people can either block you (mega distraction) or help you going (if they're kind enough to give advice). i find looking at pictures helpful, and then putting together little models.

Of course that won't help with writing. Maybe you should just do little hobby craft projects to get your creative brain going...

emily said...

what i really want to do is finally put together the zine i've been saying i wanted to put together for the last four years or whatever. i guess i could start out with a bunch of my own bullshit, then pester my friends... heh.

Julie said...

I could write you a manifesto on "Life Space", or "responding to context" (in regards to buildings). I dream about that stuff these days. It's like my brain needs to take a sleeping pill, even though my body is tired.

I'm reading an amazing book, though, remind me to tell you about it.

Anonymous said...

julie, i could name my zine after my favorite talking heads record ("more songs about buildings and food"). then your piece would fit right in! because god knows i don't write cogently about anything besides food.

(emily @ work)

Julie said...

sweet! I wonder if i need to think about buildings responding to context regarding food...I think that's quite possible.

emily said...

yes--if nothing else, the architecture of restaurants, perhaps, and how it complements the cuisine or something like that.

the other idea i had was to make some kind of "record of the month club" zine, where each article is based on a theme inspired by the song titles from a given record. that leaves a lot of room for interpretation.