Friday, August 12, 2005

Rob writes a rap.

About me. Hee.

[roboter] emily's burning it up. west coast! you suckas don't front it.
[roboter] emily's like Bam! like cannon. cause thats her last name.
[roboter] I'm making a rap song about emily.
[roboter] take notes! you dead wrong. emily fix your spellin. she's got it going on.

Then he had to go work.

What's that? Yes, Rob IS the coolest mothafucka in Yuma, Arizona.


aja said...

bwahahah. i <3 rob. i just saw him like 20 minutes ago, TOO. i should have asked him to complete the rap!

emily said...

that rap fueled my day. i must know the rest. WHERE ARE YOU, ROB?!

also, come to san jose. both of youse.

aron said...

Rob iz da kewlest mothafucka in jooma!

I'm down for San Jose too.